Since 1962, when Desco introduced its first concrete scarifier, Desco has grown to provide the largest line of surface preparation equipment on the market today. The new line of products produced by Desco range from small hand-held detail grinders to large self-contained walk-behind systems. Due to advancements in our engineering controls, Desco equipment can now be utilized for decontamination work, in addition to general surface preparation on structural steel, wood and concrete surfaces.

Concrete and Structural Steel Contractors, utility plants, the US Navy and the Air Force are just a few of the industries that have counted on Desco for their surface preparation needs. Desco is committed to being the leader in this market through the development of new products and by building upon the quality, service and performance our customers have grown to expect. At Desco, we want to earn your business!




Quality: At Desco, we take pride in manufacturing the highest quality surface preparation equipment on the market today. All Desco tools are designed to be tough while providing superior performance and maximum productivity. To achieve this, we begin by choosing only the finest raw material in the production of each of our products. Because many of our products are subjected to harsh environments, all potentially corrodible components are protected through anodization, plating and/or other forms of protective coating. Furthermore, prior to shipment, all Desco products will have undergone numerous quality check points insuring product integrity and performance.

Customer Service: At Desco, we're committed to providing you with uncompromising service. Because we are the manufacturer, you can always count on receiving your materials when you need them. Furthermore, all of our products are backed by Desco field service professionals and factory-trained technicians, insuring that you, the customer, are receiving full support at all times. When you purchase a Desco tool, you're not just acquiring a tool-- you're receiving over 40 years of proven experience and support. We're there when you need us!

Innovation: We are a specialty company; let us answer your special needs. At Desco, we take pride in our ability to respond to customers with unusual problems. In fact, many of our products have been developed as a response to customers with such special needs. Some of our most recent developments include the Desco Crack Tracker, with its patent pending Crack Chaser. This latest development provides a unique way of cleaning cracks and was voted one of the Top Ten Products of the Year by Concrete Repair Digest.

Consulting/Training: Desco has a highly trained staff to consult with you on the proper surface preparation system for your specific application. To guarantee maximum performance from Desco tools, we provide extensive training on maintenance and use of all equipment. In addition ot on-site training, Desco also conducts advanced training at our facility. Training classes are held throughout the year, ranging from one day tutorials to an extensive four-day program involving hands-on coating removal, coating application and tool repair.

Rapid Response: "Time is money," and we understand the importance of having your equipment there when you need it. Because we are the manufacturer whose specialty is surface preparation equipment, we maintain the most complete line of equipment to respond to your needs. In many cases, equipment can be delivered on your job site.