Introducing Desco’s Critical Filtration Vacuums

Desco is proud to introduce our new line of critical filter vacuums. These vacuums are the most effective, reliable, and safest way to contain and collect contaminants while working with applications requiring dust-free coating removal or clean-up. These vacuum systems capture material containing asbestos, lead, mold, mercury, nuclear waste, and other potentially hazardous materials.


Industrial Feature Vacuums

Specialty Feature Vacuums

Tools & Accessories

Pneumatic Vacuums
Electric Vacuums
Radiological Protection
Navy PadEye
Pneumatic Vacuum Tools & Accessories

The Pneumatic Advantage

  • No moving parts to replace, no motors or switches to replace
  • Uses compressed air and the venturi principle to create a vacuum of exceptionally high flow and high static lift
  • Ideal for areas where standard voltage is not available
  • Can lift or move an extensive variety of solid and liquid materials
  • Large range of tank sizes, filter arrangements, venturi and hose sizes, tools & attachments for wet/dry pick up

Specialized Markets

Industrial Markets 


• Radioactive Decontamination
• Lead Abatement
• Demolition Contractors
• Beta Hot Spot Removal
• Hex Chrome Abatement
• Mold Abatement
• Bio Hazard Clean-Up
• Clean Room Decontamination
• Decontamination Contractors
• Hazardous Waste Removal
• Toxic Chemicals Removal
• Shipyards
• Nuclear Power Plants
• Naval Bases
• Utility Plants
• DOD Facilities
• DOE Facilities
• Machine Shops
• Oil Refineries
• Chemical Manufacturing Plants
• Steel Mills
• Health Care Facilities
• Aerospace
• Flammable Liquid Pick Up
• Hex Chrome Remediation
• Asbestos Abatement
• Coating Removal
• Mold Remediation
• PadEye Liquid Removal
• Cloverleaf Liquid Removal
• Dust-Free Sanding / Grinding
• Lead Paint Removal
• Hazardous Destruction
• Sludge Removal
• Aluminum Chips
• Ceramic Oven Materials
• Corrosion Removal
• Iron Oxide
• Indoor Air Control
• Waste Water
• Gravel
• Dirt and Sand
• Steel Chip