The DESCO Model 18 Needle Scaler delivers the performance of a larger scaler in a small package. The compact design gets you into the tight spaces where larger tools will not fit. Plus, the Model 18 is recoilless — which means low vibration and low noise — delivering productivity-boosting ergonomics.


Stop repetitive motion syndrome! Using the latest technology for vibration suppression, this dust free needlegun operates with far less vibration than ordinary needle scalers. The 3-CFM air requirement allows this needlegun to operate on a limited air supply.



Needleguns excel at cleaning in and around obstacles where other tools are not effective.


Removing coatings

Removing millscale & non-skid

Cleaning castings


Removing rust & corrosion

Cleaning angles and corners

De-slagging welds


Needles Conform to Shape

Desco needleguns have the ability to conform to the contour of the surface they are cleaning. In the process, the needles adhere to an objects shape while stepping over obstacles and stepping into voids. As a result, needleguns produce excellent results in places where other tools can not.



    Bolt Heads & Nuts

      Rivet Heads

    Divots or Voids



Great things come in small packages!



Compact - Fits into tight areas

Low Vibration - Less fatigue, more productive


Rugged Design - Long life

Easy Needle Change - Fast/simple



Length Weight Needles BPM Air Req. Air Inlet Vibration Noise
7.7" 3.6 lbs 18 7,000 90psi @ 6cfm 1/4" 3.2 m/s2 89 dB (A)



Replacement Needles (5" - Flat Point)

Part Description
Needle, 3mm x 5", flat point
Needle, 3mm x 5", flat pt (200 pack)
9130.019 Needle, 3mm x 5", flat pt (1,000 pack)


Replacement Needles (5" - Chisel Point)

Part Description
Needle, 3mm x 5", chisel point
Needle, 3mm x 5", chisel pt (200 pack)
9130.017 Needle, 3mm x 5", chisel pt (1,000 pack)




w/o Shroud





w/ Shroud




Convertible Dust Shroud Option

Flat style with sleeve
Inside corner style without sleeve