Desco manufactures a wide range of sanders, grinders and detail tools. To provide extended life and durability, many models are outfitted with zerc fittings that enable easy maintenance and tool lubrication. Safety is of key importance as almost all Desco sanders are outfitted with double safety lock off levers. Desco dust free sanders and grinders are also engineered to provide the highest level of containment on the market today. Desco’s fixed-head shrouds are designed to provide maximum visibility and access, whereas the Desco developed floating shroud with valuted guard is engineered to provide maximum containment for those applications involving highly contaminated material.

2” and 3” Die Grinder 4” and 4.5” Floating Sander
2” and 3” Die Grinder  4” and 4.5” Floating Sander 
7” Right Angle Sander ERGO Palm Sander DPS5
7” Right Angle Sander  5” Dual Action Sander 
Desco BPH VersaTool  
Desco BPH VersaTool